19 Amazing Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

Medically Reviewed on 7/1/2022
Sex is safe at any point during a low-risk pregnancy. The 10 amazing benefits of sex during pregnancy include easier orgasms, improved body image, feeling closer to her partner, and others.
It’s normal for your sex drive to vary when you are pregnant, both increasing and decreasing through the pregnancy.

Sex is safe at any point during a low-risk pregnancy. The amazing benefits of sex during pregnancy include:

  • Easier orgasms
  • Improved body image
  • Feeling closer to the partner
  • Boosting immunity
  • Improved mood during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is something that feels a bit taboo to discuss, but it shouldn't be. Doctors worldwide advise pregnant women to continue with their normal sexual activity until there is any underlying risk or underlying medical condition.

19 benefits of sex during pregnancy

  1. Can try new positions
    • Pregnancy can be a fantastic opportunity to try out some new sexual positions. Try some new positions that can accommodate your growing belly. Examples include:
      • Spooning: Lay on your side with your partner behind you, leaving room for your belly to stick out front. This position prevents pressure on other parts of your body. 
      • Hands and knees: In this position, your partner can penetrate you from behind, and your abdomen has room to hang down toward the bed. 
      • Woman on top: This position will give you the most control over your movements as you navigate the changes that come with your growing belly. 
  2. Increases intimacy with your partner without harming the baby
    • Sex is a way to enjoy physical pleasure and intimacy with your partner without harming your baby.  
    • When you have gentle sex, the amniotic sac protects your baby. The sac surrounds the baby and holds in the amniotic fluid
    • Strong muscles of your uterus and a thick mucus plug near your cervix also provide protection. 
  3. Don’t have to worry about birth control
  4. Easier to get an orgasm
    • Women gain an average of three pounds of blood throughout their pregnancy. Almost all of this tends to circulate below your waist, making it much easier to have an orgasm.
  5. Might have multiple orgasms
    • The increased blood flow near your genital region can make it so easy for you to orgasm that you end up having multiple orgasms or many in a row during a single sexual encounter. 
    • Multiple orgasms are more likely later in your pregnancy when extra blood is present. Also, it helps if you’ve overcome some of the more off-putting symptoms of your first trimester, like nausea.
  6. Chance for more oral sex in your life
    • Some women might find penetrative sex unappealing during their pregnancy. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll dislike all forms of sexual pleasure. 
    • You can use your pregnancy to incorporate more oral sex into your life. You might find it more comfortable because it doesn’t add pressure to your growing abdomen 
  7. Breasts can become more sensitive 
    • Your breasts will become fuller and more sensitive during your pregnancy, which can be arousing for both you and your partner. 
    • Some women find that pregnancy is the first time they enjoy having their breasts fondled as part of their sexual play. 
    • Other women find that their breasts are more tender and uncomfortable when they’re pregnant. Both reactions are normal. 
    • You need to trust what your body is telling you and only do the actions that feel most comfortable and satisfying for you. 
    • But don’t hesitate to experiment. You could easily find new things enjoyable when you’re pregnant. 
  8. Sex can help with your body image
    • Many women can struggle with their body image as their pregnancy progresses. 
    • As your waistline diminishes, you may think that the changes your body is going through make you unattractive. 
    • Sex is one way to feel good about your body again. It can help you realize that you’re capable of experiencing physical pleasure, no matter how your body changes. 
  9. Sex can help you feel close to your partner emotionally and physically
    • Pregnancy comes with a slew of physical and emotional changes that can complicate your relationship with your partner. Sex is a great way to feel close again. 
    • But there’s no need to limit yourself to sex when your goal is intimacy. You and your partner are likely to go through periods when you don’t feel like having sex. 
    • Instead, you can try cuddling and massages as ways to feel physically connected. 
  10. Sex conversations can pave the way to discussing other worries
    • It can be hard to talk about your feelings and the worries you may have about how a baby will change your life. Your partner may be experiencing the same feelings. 
    • Talking about sex can open communication about other important issues, such as concerns about your health and the wellbeing of your baby. 
    • Honest communication is critical for navigating not only your sex life but other aspects of your relationship both during and after your pregnancy. 
  11. Sex during pregnancy prepares you for childbirth
    • Sexual activity during pregnancy aids in vaginal lubrication. Moreover, vaginal intercourse is quite advantageous.
    • It prepares the pelvic muscles and cervix for birth. 
    • Sex during pregnancy helps increase oxytocin levels, and it is often suggested to pregnant women, particularly those who have already reached the ninth-month mark.
  12. Sexuality during pregnancy ensures the well-being of the baby and the couple
    • When the mother receives pleasure during sexual intercourse and achieves orgasm, the baby benefits.
    • These feel-good hormones keep pregnancy-induced hypertension and diabetes at bay ensuring a healthy pregnancy.
    • Sex helps the mother feel desired and cherished by her spouse. It makes her feel safe, which permits the baby to arrive in excellent health. 
    • Additionally, it ensures the couple's togetherness, love, and understanding while benefiting each person. 
  13. Stress reduction
    • Sex during pregnancy increases the production of oxytocin (the "love" hormone), which reduces pregnant stress, improves sleep, and temporarily masks aches and pains.
    • Sex, bonding, and an increase in endorphins help a pregnant woman sleep better to combat exhaustion and other annoying pregnancy symptoms.
  14. Sex is healthy during pregnancy
    • Sex during pregnancy is considered healthy because it strengthens the mother’s immune system to fight infections and protect against seasonal colds and flu.
    • Studies have reported that sex during pregnancy helps mothers reach normal blood pressure post-sexual activity.
    • Studies have reported that those who were exposed to more seminal fluid had a decreased risk of preeclampsia. One probable explanation is that the sperm carries a protein called HLA-G, which helps the immune system. More exposure to the paternal cells in this protein may aid in the development of "immunity" against preeclampsia.
  15. Consider it as exercise
    • One of the most important things during pregnancy is to stay active with recommended exercises.
    • Having sex is a type of exercise that lowers your calories by 50 to 150 calories (varies according to how long you've been having sex).
  16. Improves pelvic floor strength
    • A strong pelvic floor will make childbirth and postpartum recovery much easier for you. Strong pelvic muscles can assist you in easing your baby out, reducing incontinence, and increasing sexual satisfaction.
  17. Enhances blood circulation in the body
    • Improved blood circulation is one of the numerous advantages of having sex during pregnancy.
    • The mother's blood supply increases throughout pregnancy to meet her and the baby's demands. 
    • However, inadequate circulation may impede the pregnancy. Sex can help the fetus receive more oxygen and nourishment by producing hormones, which aid in development and growth. 
  18. Induces labor and easy delivery
    • Regular intercourse during pregnancy aids in the contraction of pelvic muscles and opening of the cervix. 
    • This aids in a vaginal birth, making the labor process smoother. Some physicians recommend having frequent intercourse near your due date to assist in inducing labor.
  19. Accelerates postpartum recovery
    • Orgasms during pregnancy develop your pelvic floor muscles for childbirth, which speeds up your postpartum recovery by constricting the pelvic muscles.


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What are the possible disadvantages of sex during pregnancy?

If you're in good health and experience a normal pregnancy, having sex while pregnant is normally safe and can even be fun. If you have pregnancy difficulties or have had complications in a previous pregnancy, sex may not be safe.

Five possible disadvantages of having sex during pregnancy include:

  1. May sometimes need to avoid sex in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy
    • It is advisable to avoid sexual activity during the first 10 weeks following conception, sometimes known as the first trimester of pregnancy, especially if you have had episodes of bleeding or spotting or a history of previous abortions.
  2. Avoid having sex for too long
    • Avoid having sex over an extended period because a woman who is fatigued in the early stages of pregnancy owing to nausea and vomiting is more prone to become exhausted.
    • Excessive pressure, particularly on the abdomen during sex, might result in a miscarriage.
    • According to the medical community, women who have numerous miscarriages, abortions, or weak bodies should avoid physical contact during pregnancy.
  3. Possible chance of infections
    • Doctors advise that certain women with compromised immune systems require sex protection, especially during pregnancy, because they are more prone to contract infections during intercourse. 
    • Doctors recommend that both men and women clean their sexual organs before and after sexual activity.
    • Sexually transmitted infections can potentially hurt a child's health. Furthermore, people with the human immunodeficiency virus should avoid sexual contact during pregnancy.
    • Infections are more prone to pass through the cervix even after the eighth month of the intercourse period.
  4. Low libido
    • When intercourse is completely permissible during pregnancy, don't be shocked if you're not experiencing it. 
    • People have the least amount of sex throughout the third trimester. This is most likely due to their physical appearance and exhaustion at that time. 
    • Prolactin production that occurs throughout pregnancy may lower libido
    • Communicate the same to your partner and participate in healthy sexual talks with them.
  5. Air embolism
    • If you're having oral sex while pregnant, make sure your partner doesn't blow air into your vagina. It is highly unlikely, but an air bubble can obstruct one of your blood vessels. This is referred to as an air embolism, and it has the potential to be fatal for both you and your kid.
    • Again, this is unusual. If you are concerned, you might ask your spouse to refrain from having oral sex.

Many expecting mothers (and fathers) are concerned about getting busy with a baby on board. Unless your doctor or midwife advises you differently, sex during pregnancy is not only safe for most couples but also beneficial. However, always talk to your doctor about benefits and possible complications because pregnancy is a very sensitive phase for every couple.

When to stop and avoid sex during pregnancy

It is entirely natural and healthy to continue having sex throughout pregnancy if everything is going well with no difficulties as recommended by your doctor. As long as you have a low-risk pregnancy, you should be able to continue with your normal sex life. That is, assuming your sex urge hasn't been down.

Here are a few reasons you may want to stay away from sex:

  • Spotting throughout pregnancy
  • History of previous abortions
  • Hyperemesis gravidarum
  • A premature baby in an earlier pregnancy
  • Signs of preterm labor in this pregnancy
  • Incompetent cervix (the cervix opens too early during pregnancy, increasing the risk of preterm labor)
  • Placenta previa (placenta covers all or part of the cervix)
  • If your partner has or had a sexually transmitted infection 
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Intrauterine growth restriction
  • Recurrent herpes outbreaks 
  • Experiencing symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, cramping, and pelvic pain
  • Expecting twins, triplets, or other "multiples"

Just because it's safe to have sex doesn't imply you'll want it. During the first trimester, you may feel too sick to even kiss your spouse, much alone indulge in any type of sexual activity. 

Some physicians advise avoiding sex during the final weeks as a precautionary measure because the prostaglandins in the sperm may promote contractions. Other experts say there is no link between the sperm and labor and having intercourse does not cause labor. Orgasm contractions are not the same as labor contractions. Thus, they are not a cause for alarm.

If you have significant bleeding after sex while pregnant or if you notice a leak in amniotic fluid, discomfort, or terrible cramping, call your doctor or go to the emergency room immediately.


Sex is safe at any point during a low-risk pregnancy. Talk to your doctor before engaging in sexual activities to make sure that your pregnancy is not in a high-risk category.  It’s normal for your sex drive to vary when you are pregnant, both increasing and decreasing through the pregnancy.

Most women find their interest in sex is highest during the second trimester. Symptoms like nausea and exhaustion can make sex difficult in the first trimester. Increasing anxieties about the realities of having a baby can decrease your desire in the third trimester.  You should always trust your body and only have sex when you feel like it. But keep in mind that there are many benefits to having sex during pregnancy.

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