The CO2diet Manifesto

This is a first draft of thoughts that will end up in a powerful manifesto. What do you think? Share your feedback and it will be part of the next iteration.

Human made climate change is real. Food is part of the problem. Food can be part of the solution.

The CO2diet is eating food that's delicious to you and the climate. It's about cutting weight where it matters - greenhouse gases to stay under the 2 degree goal. It's about having an impact in everyday life.

These are the key components of the CO2diet:

Yay to science! The CO2diet seeks information in science. Earth is a complex ball, science is the best way to interpret the ways forward.

Delicious. There is no need to deny yourself the greatness of food! There are so many delicious and sustainable foods waiting for you to be discovered. The CO2diet is here to help.

No pointing fingers. Living sustainably is hard. Be nice to yourself and others and don't judge yourself and others too much. Eating meat one day less a week is a great place to start.

Policymakers and companies - stop messing around. As an individual, we have the power to make meaningful choices on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that's not enough. Companies and policymakers needs to join the ride as well. We need infrastructure, policies, leadership, innovation and a million other things.

Let's loose some weight!